Friday, November 9, 2012

Blue and Turquoise Towels in Ms and Os

Yay!  I'm making towels happily...We have a couple of wedding presents to come up with so I figured blue is a color that most people like.  I have no idea what the couples actually want but...Oh who cares!  I'm having fun!  And the Bells Palsy has evened out a bit.  My mouth is straighter.  I have some movement in my cheek.  My eye doesn't shut all the way but my eyebrow is up some.  And I am not wearing a patch except at night so my life has improved tremendously!!!!!  Except for riding.  The drs. and my acupuncturist want me to keep out of drafts, wind, cold air, etc.  Don't quite know how I'm going to work that yet.

Making the warp

 Enough for 12 towels, I hope...
Winding on the warp

Threading the headles...

Tied on and ready to weave...

Weaving Ms and Os...This will tighten up quite a bit when I take it off tension and wash and shrink the towels.

First towel almost done!

I'm a happy looms are humming!  Now if I could only sell something on Etsy!


  1. so glad you are on the road to recovery! beautiful towels!

  2. What a nice weaving, looks like it will become a towel soon.

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