Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Blankets

I'm taking a break from my nephew and his wife are having twins...a girl and a boy, so I decided to branch out and make baby blankets.  I have finished the blue one already and started on the pink one but I can't find the cable to my camera to take the pictures off so this is what you get, the unfinished photos.  And I was taking pictures on my camera without the card so there they sit.  I have looked everywhere.  Lately there have been a lot of these little, tiny annoyances that totally frustrate me!  Really do I look like I have an extra two hours to hunt for a cable??!  No I didn't think so.  sigh.
Winding the warp onto my 8-harness Macomber

View still from the back of the threading

View from the front...still threading

Sleying the warp through the reed

Weaving!  YAY!

Big lace weave blocks surrounded by plain weave blocks
I only wove two blankets because I wanted to get to the pink ones before the babies were born.  But I put on enough warp for three pink blankets and I have already woven the first one.  I am not going to cut it off until I finish all of them because it would waste too much warp tying it on. 

It's already 8 o'clock and I have to watch the debates tonight but for the last two nights I have been watching "Half the Sky" on PBS.  I couldn't sleep after the first segment.  Totally disheartening, discouraging, dismaying...Those women were so strong and so amazing but no one should have to live that kind of life.  I am still processing the documentary.

Sending love out to all the women in the world tonight!  Wish they were all safe!


  1. Oh dear!
    gave me a craving for weaving again. I have not been weaving for at least thirty years...

  2. Lovely to catch up on all of your news! The babies will be so snuggly and warm in one of these beautiful blankets :)

  3. Cait, the blankets are just lovely and Justin & Sara will love them for the twins! Your work is just so beautiful - love everything you make! Love, Maureen XOXO