Thursday, February 9, 2012

Walking Again!

OK.  Enough already.  30lbs, really?  Well, spring must be coming because I'm waking up wanting to walk.  Today is gorgeous!  I've been walking 1/2 hr for three days now.  Not much but a start at least.  Making soups, bread, weaving, dyeing, making some cuffs...very busy for some reason!  And I was supposed to take January off.  HA!  Well, that didn't happen.
Heading out through the field...even though it was almost warm, it was windy and there is a lot of ice still.

This, actually was yesterday in the woods...

The moss (lichen??) was soooo green.  I love it!

A big, ole porcupine up in a tree we call the "porcupine tree" cause there are usually 5 or 6 of them in it!

The "Porcupine Tree"

Here he is today...see the quills standing up???

Walking round the pond

Part of the pond looked quite wet so I didn't dare to go on it.  But would dearly love to ice skate!
Heading back through our field.  Way too much ice for a ride on Dom yet.

Hey Duke...How could someone have left a halter on him when he was growing.  Hard to believe.  And he is still the sweetest horse.

My main man...
 So a new routine...healthy food, walks.  I think I have been eating my fear instead of dealing with it.  I am a work in progress.


  1. What a pretty walk (and SOOO good for you...) and I have NEVER heard of a porcupine tree.. didn't know they climbed trees! Amazing. I love seeing your horses! ...

  2. I love your porcupine tree!! We sometimes see the work they have done but only in the dead of night do I see them crossing the yard. So glad you feel like walking. Today was such a beauty--almost like Spring. I am still walking in front of my TV with Leslie Sassone!!

  3. Such a beautiful trail and gorgeous horses...happy weekend !!

  4. so good to read this, cait. fears, they can totally stifle us. and those faces, sigh. and last, but not least, what a tree! walking is so hard on this frozen terrain, at least for my poor, wonky feet.