Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh Look What I Did!

While I was wasting time working on Pinterest I came across this website .  So this person made a slipcover for a chair and used a painter's tarp which she got at Home Depot.  Big, cheap, right up my alley.   I kept looking at my chair in the kitchen/great room and realized that this chair was causing me stress.  This is one of the ugliest patterns I have ever seen.  Really angry tulips.

Home Depot here I come.  Spent $70 on two tarps 9 x 12.  Gary took them into town and washed and dried them (He is a sweetie like that).   The material  turned out much softer but still strong and a lovely off white color.  They have a seam down the middle but I ended up with plenty of material.  I probably used 1 1/2 tarps for the chair and ottoman--maybe a little less.

I also bought the "Lazy Girls Guide to Slipcovering" from the same website.  Not so much because I couldn't do without it but I needed the confidence boost. 

 Had to do some creative piecing in front of the arms but I figured that the seat cushion would hide it all.  Pinned and sewed, ripped out seams and resewed for 4 days!

Reused the zippers from the old cushions.

Arm covers so I can wash them without taking off the entire slipcover.

Ta Da!!!

 See?  Most of the crazy piecing is covered.

And after that the ottoman was so simple! 

I am thrilled I don't have to look at that angry fabric anymore!  YAY!  It's certainly not perfect.  I had made a run to Joanne's Fabrics for the piping ($60.00 for 17 yds plus a seam ripper which got a lot of use) and they didn't have enough so I had to make do.  The backs of the cushions don't have any and the back of the chair either.  But from here I love it!  And I'm eyeing the couch...


  1. you're genius.... and I laughed out loud over the "really angry tulips" bit.

  2. LOL angry tulips....

    WHAT a FANTASTIC job you have done here, LOVE the chair slipcover.. great work, belongs in a pottery barn catalog!...

  3. It makes such a difference. I did a chaiselongue like that and it looks much better and doesn't get dirty. :-)


  4. Oh my goodness Cait, the chair & ottoman are wonderful!!! You did an amazing job - love how they came out!!! Good for you to tackle such a huge project - what a great feeling of satisfaction! I love you, Maureen

  5. What an amazing transformation - great job! I had to laugh at the 'angry tulips' ;o)

  6. You did a great job on this chair. I think this is fit to my condo. :)

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