Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My week...

I have been working like mad making purses--using some handwoven material I had set aside. I had a wonderful 3 days of energy!! Maybe it started because I went riding (ok I can still feel that--ouch). In anycase I got 12 purses done, lined, sewed, photographed and two loaded on Etsy! phew...
All pinned and ready...
Done...and used some of my batik fat quarters for the lining.

And some lining is silky polyester...

AND, of course, my own hand made buttons!! YAY!

However, not all went according to plan this week. My Mom fell and has two black eyes according to my sisters. And her 90th birthday is coming up and friends and family are taking her out to dinner (and taking pictures!!). She has become a little compulsive and was rushing and tripped on the cement outside her house. I haven't seen her but we are thankful that she didn't break anything. I swear she has good peasant stock in her bones! And to add to all this, my van has died...transmission...SIGH...I think I will have to rent a car to get to NH for the party. Don't know if we are going to have the van fixed--taking it tonight to a transmission guy to run some more tests! ARRRRGGGGG!!!! But I did have three good days in a row. And even though I'm tired today, I feel so good about what I accomplished!! And Noah called. He left his pillow here. What is life without a good pillow!!?
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. i love riding soreness! even if it hurts. your purses: your attention to detail, the labels, and the lovely warp mixes are so lively.

  2. Your purses are great. I love the lining and the labels as well. But best of all those handmade stoneware buttons looks stupendous with your weaving. Love them all!! Hope you Mom gets better soon.

  3. Ooh nooo.. can't sleep without the good pillow!!... So happy to hear of your run of good days- MANY MORE TO COME!!... Your weaving is beautiful work.

    Well wishes and _slow down mom!!- to your mother.

  4. Hi Velma! Saw your lovely clay books you started over at Mary Harding's! Yeah...still sore and I didn't even ride very much! Thanks for the thumbs up--you probably don't remember but comments you made years ago are directly responsible for the direction I took with my scarves!!! Thank you...

    Mary, what can I are so wonderful to work with I really wish you lived next door (cause then I wouldn't need a car, for one thing!) Still looking for a kiln!!

    Hi Karen...yeah still gaining strength--wish I wasn't gaining weight as well...And my Mom, boy, she is a corker...if that phone rings don't stand in her way--she will run you over! Love her to pieces! And pillows are important!! xo

  5. Your bags are so lovely!! interested too in how you sew in your lining -- I am not a sewer, but a good friend who is a pro taught me a technique but yours might be simpler!

    Lovely blog!

  6. Hi Sandra! I just saw your lovely bags, too! I make two bags (one for the lining) snug the lining bag into the handwoven one and fold down and press edges on both. Pin in the ribbon for the straps as well as the button loop and pin around the edges. I have a wonderful Bernina with this lovely stitch and I sew around the top edges...How do you do yours?? You can email me at if you like!! xo