Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Wedding!!!!

My Adam and Alicia got married on Sunday, September 5, 2010. I am so grateful to have made it this far! Of course this was the most beautiful wedding ever! The bride was radiant and the groom cried (and his mother, and her mother, and his stepfather, and his dad!). phew...very emotional. The dress had crystals all over the top and was amazingly simple and gorgeous! The tropical colors were wonderful! You can see a shawl I made over Alicia's chair during the reception. I used her colors though I didn't really see them until the wedding--just descriptions. But it worked...even had a tiny bit of lime in it!

Noah played the violin for them and we all cried again. sigh...lovely! I don't know where the time has gone...We said goodbye to all on Monday morning and took Noah to Skidmore for his first year of college. So hard to say goodbye to both Adam and Noah. And I hadn't seen Alicia since they moved to Hawaii more than 2 years ago. But now I have a daughter! YAY! And Alex has moved back home to save money while attending Clarkson U. I don't know if I am ready for empty nest!
I just finished my last chemo this morning...I think I feel good about that...sort of mixed...I'm glad to be done but feel a little scared to be on my own. I'm trying to change the host (me) with changing my diet, exercising (ok, I haven't actually started that yet), thinking different thoughts and letting go of resentment and anger, etc. (not too successful at that yet, either) so we will see and meanwhile I will cherish my life and my loved ones.
xo Cait


  1. what wonderful sweetness cait-- you must have been thrilled to watch your son get married--and probably brimming with emotion. i remember adam's wonderful photos from hawaii-- he is clearly a fabulous young man-- alicia and he make a beautiful couple!

    and i'm so glad to learn that you'll be done with your chemo!! i understand being a little frightened being "on your own"--but you're not really... and i just know that you'll be able to work towards optimum health. it all takes time-- just be patient with yourself--you've just gotten over some major hurdles--you can handle the rest from here ( i just know it)
    i send you my best wishes and lots of love!!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, too! The ceremony, the place, the emotions, it's all so important, and you have beautiful photos to document this!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding, Cait!! I know all those tears were tears of happiness.
    And, isn't it wonderful when chemo is finally over?? I remember that day like it was yesterday, and it's been 19 years...

  4. Kathi, thanks for being there for me! I woke up today with my face swollen and am thinking "YES, I'm so happy chemo is over!" Now to work the chemicals out of my body!
    Dawn, the ceremony was really very moving--I love Alicia and she lived here in our home for a year with Adam--I think they are great together, too!!
    Suz, I could still cry thinking about the wedding...so beautiful and my first child. I hope they move back from Hawaii before a baby!! :) And YAY to 19 years for you, Suz! Here's to another 19, and another, and another!! xo

  5. These photos are stunning... saw them on FB, but the colors of this wedding just get me! I know it was a fabulous day all the way around... except maybe for saying goodbye to Noah.

    Now on to new positive thoughts of your own health and wellbeing... stay the course, Cait; be patient with yourself and your healing. A good healthy diet will work wonders and when you're up for the exercise, it'll feel good too... it'll be a pleasure rather than something you have to endure. My thoughts, as always, are with you. You are a wonder!

  6. Rebecca, I agree, I loved the colors she picked out for the wedding! And the orange ties were amazing and the limey green in the flowers...loved it all!

    It is a treat to be done with the chemo though I'm still feeling the effects. I expect that by next week I will feel better and hopefully have more energy! YAY!!!

  7. cait you are a shining inspiration to me on so many different levels! to see the photos of your son's beautiful wedding are such a gift, i feel like i was there.
    and to be over the hurdle of chemo and to be focusing on your recovery is also a huge gift, one that you give to yourself everyday that you wake up and every night that you lay your beautiful head on the pillow. a new life for you and a new start for your body....time will be your friend and give you wings to fly...

  8. Kristin, thank you...you are a gift to me...be well and rest...xoxo