Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Friends and New Friends

This summer I had a visit from a high school friend who I hadn't seen since we graduated in 1967. Here's Maggi looking exactly as she did then! We have been friends since we were in 5th grade and I have tons of great memories of our high school days together. She and her husband came on their boat from Michigan and stopped in Ogdensburg on the St. Lawrence and I drove up and snagged her for a whole day! Sometimes having had a terrible disease can give you a gift you wouldn't have had otherwise...

Ahhhh, Linda! We were juniors in Greenwich HS together and inseparable! Then she moved to Danbury and we continued to see each other into our late 20s. But now she lives on Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington state...and we only have our Christmas letters once a year. However, this year she was attending a family reunion on the Cape so she flew out to Syracuse, rented a car and drove three hours up to see me. Amazing. AND Linda is a weaver (see the tunic I'm wearing???? a gift from her!). We spent two days weaving triangles and shopping for yarn and talking and talking--some wine and tears! It was so hard to let her go. But such a gift of reconnecting!

Then I taught a triangle class in my kitchen. And met these wonderful ladies from Fishers Landing (1 1/2 hrs away!) They spent the day weaving and listening to music and I loved every minute of it! What a treat! From left to right, Pam, Anna, Joan, and Ronnie! So new friends and old friends and a life so worth living!

xo Cait


  1. a true tribute to friendship, women and friendship.

  2. what a lovely posting and such sweet and touching experiences, Cait! it does seem to be a strangely interesting "fact" that rough diseases on their other side seem to bring unexpected gifts. The traingle scarfs look great and the women so happy. xoxo

  3. Here's to friends!!! They truly are gifts! Thank you both! xo

  4. Good friends mean the world to me. Oh--the hours and hours of laughter, serious talk and gossip! I love it. This was such a touching post, Cait!