Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter on the farm...

Went out around lunchtime to clean the barn with my riding buddy, Sandy, and the horses were soooo comfortable on the hay.  I have never seen two of them lying down together.  They usually take turns.  So cute!  Finally they got up when they heard Sandy opening up peppermints and the crinkling of the wrappers!  

They were so relaxed that when we finished cleaning I stood next to Django and rubbed his neck and chin and he didn't pull away (like he usually does!).  We stood like that for a little while in the warm sun.  It was so nice and peaceful.  I just love being with them and the three of them are so settled in and happy together.  Too bad Ronan, the Connemara, has to leave in the late spring.  Though truthfully we don't right now have enough land fenced for three horses since we took down the old barn and totally rearranged all the property.

After the horses we had a winter walk...hopefully burning off the pound I gained yesterday for no apparent reason.  hmmmm...what is up with that.  It should be just as easy to take off the ten pounds put on during the holidays as it was to put it on in the first place.  Seriously.

 Heading up to the pond on our new road...

 Turkey tracks

 The pond...

The field...

Random barbed wire on the side of  the field which we still have to take down. least we haven't run out of projects here.  :)

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