Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bye, Noah...sniff, sniff...

Brought Noah to the bus station this morning for a 6:15 bus to New York City.  He is staying with his girlfriend and her Mom for 5 days and then he is off to Australia for a semester.  A semester.  As far away as you can get on this planet.  A place suffering from 120 degree heat.  Tasmania is on fire.  We are having 5 degree weather and tonight in the minus.  A place that has alligators in the swimming holes.  Poisonous everything.  Big spiders.  Snakes.  Lethal jellyfish.  Killer waves.  

Really, Mom?

 OK, how did this happen???'s going to be a long winter...
Bye, Noah


  1. a beautiful baby grown into a handsome young man! What a fabulous adventure he is embarking upon! I think a trip to australia is in your future :)

  2. Congratulations to him! I'm sure he'll have a GREAT time! And he will be back before you know it.
    Take care,

  3. Congratulations and safe trip, many happy adventures to Noah!!.. Wow, so exciting!

    And...ooooh boy, pass the Xanax. :-) Why don't you go visit!

  4. Oh, Cait...we give them roots so that they will have wings.

    Our Son Danny went off to Greece and while I most certainly had a sleepless night or two, it was an adventure of a lifetime for him.

    He now goes to school a short train ride from NYC!

    It will be so great for him.

  5. Bye Noah and not hard to see that his ma might be thinking about Tasmanian fires and alligators/crocodiles..but after a bit all will settle and you'll hear lovely tales from far away..and then he'll be back... xxxx

  6. The good thing my dear is that they keep coming back home, more experienced and mature!
    My second one (28) joined us with her two cats two months ago and my eldest is coming back from Florence and will stay with us for two months bringing with her her husband and another dog (lola). We will be 6 adults + 6 animals for a while.