Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunshine and Shimmer...again

Well I'm designing as well as staring at a basketfull of cherry tomatoes wondering what to do with them.  And the bigger tomatoes haven't even started coming in the house yet.  So here's my escape...another Sunshine and Shimmer scarf.  I'm probably not going to put it on the loom today because I have to clean the guest room and hang some curtains and there is a horse ladies pot luck tonight...a gathering because my model Katie is back from Texas for a visit!  YAY!  I've been riding with her since she was 10 yo.  Can't wait to see her.  I might even get to photograph her as well if she has time.

Meanwhile, my poor husband is chainsawing the tree that came down in our tornado and it was 90 degrees yesterday.  Today is not going to be much better so I should get cleaning instead of procrastinating on the computer (I've already spend hours a little time on pinterest, facebook and Etsy).  At least the placemats are finished.  Can't seem to photograph them because the maroon comes out pink.  I'll have to work on that...

bye tree...

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Hi dear Cait: tomatoes and shimmer/designing sound great; just don't try eco-print right now or you might end up mixing the red stuff into the weaving!Re; procrastination-I'm trying to include my on-line personae into the creative process! Hmm.Guess it's still the P word though. xoxoxox Ginny

  2. That scarf is going to be a beauty, Cait!

    Love the little details of your life...those cherry tomatoes would make a good cafloutie. Or halved with mozzerella.

    We will get that heat in two days time...

  3. Yikes! A tornado? I hope everyone was alright, the scarf threads look gorgeous. I'm sorry Mr. Tree.

    -Carlos Hernandez
    Tree Service Brooklyn

  4. why, WHY does it always seem that you schedule a day to deal with something, like your tree, and it's a million degrees? what, WHAT a summer we've had!

  5. The summer and shimmer looks wonderful. :-) xo