Friday, July 20, 2012

Tornado in Potsdam???!!!!!

It was soooooo hot...when we got back from vacation I couldn't really accomplish anything in the heat and humidity.  My sister Faith came for a visit for a few days and we set up a fan, happily wove triangle scarves,

Faith weaving her first one!

and more adventurous for the second one!

went shopping in Potsdam, and on Wednesday went to the coffee shop on the campus of SLU.  When we were driving from SLU the sky looked kind of menacing but I was determined to buy meat at the organic place about 1/2 hr from here.  Midway there we figured we were making a mistake with lightening all around us and thunder so loud we couldn't even talk in the car.  Noah called on Faith's cell (I lost mine on my vacation) and asked if we were alright.  Thank god he was home because he said the rain was blowing in all the open windows, the dogs were freaked out and one of our remaining big maples had broken and blown over, just missing the house as well as the new barn.  sigh.  I loved that tree and now Gary says he has to take the rest of it down.

Meanwhile, in town, roofs were blown off several of the buildings and they declared a state of emergency.

We got power back that evening but by morning had lost phone and Internet.  So two days without getting my pinterest fix.  AND the baby is overdue in Hawaii and Faith had to leave so Gary went and bought me a new cell phone before he went to work. 

Still no word on the baby today...Alicia was due on Tuesday and hopefully she is resting and enjoying the quiet time.

Phew...all this and I haven't even worked on all the photos from our epic trip across the country!  Maybe tomorrow.  Meanwhile I'm enjoying the weather.  Last night it was in the high 40s!  Woooooo Hoooooo!!!  I'm not one for the heat!  And we are hoping to move the horses into the new barn this weekend if we can get fencing up.  There won't be electric yet and the back end is not finished but they have stalls and a place to get out of the bugs at least.  

I'm off to photograph the Painted Mountains scarf which I took off yesterday, twisted the fringe, washed, ironed, and sewed on the label.  Happy Friday!


  1. Cait, that sounds like you've been through a whirlwind, literally speaking. Oh--I have to tell you that scarf is beautiful--I just started on a big rag rug--my first.

    Hope all is well on your side of the pond. :-)

  2. Boy you are busy! First, I hope that the baby comes soon and is healthy and happy! Next, I'm so sorry about the tree. It's so hard to lose old, big trees... I'm glad you made it through the storm. It sounds like it was a big one!

    Take care,