Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Alex and I went up to the woods to cut a tree...I came back and took a nap. This is what I saw when I woke up. Alex is such a sweetie!

Noah came home and the two of them worked on the barn though it was really cold...

I made pies. Dom and Duke feasted on peelings and cores.

My guys with their very old stockings.

And look! Santa left the boys teddys from NYC! Just what they always wanted! ;)

A Merry Christmas to all of you!



  1. Merry Christmas, Cait! Wishing you a beautiful New Year! Your barn is looking good!

  2. oooh, I love that tree.... and the barn is looking good! .... Merry belated Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2012 to you and yours, Cait!