Sunday, July 10, 2011


The Gulf...

Well, this is the last of my latest journey...Florida. I know. I had absolutely no plans to go to Florida. None. But flying so unnerved me that wherever Faith was going I was going, too. So we flew to Atlanta and the plan landed so abruptly (the pilot even said "here we go down the hill!") that I got a severe pain in my left eye which Faith said was sinus. phew...took another pill and landed in Tampa where her husband picked us up.

We actually had an amazing time even though it was hundreds of degrees hotter than Seattle and sticky. One of the first things I did was get most of my hair cut off. That felt better! And we went to see the manatees and a hippo and lots of birds. Way too much fun. And I got my courage up to fly by myself. WooHoo! Can Italy be next????

Going out to dinner at their club!

Lucy the hippo


The manatees were in a natural river and in the middle of the river there was a 30 ft rock cavern and the park had a dock over it with glass so we could see the manatees eating lettuce and all the fish just hanging there in the deep cold water...fascinating!

I'm off to watch a horse show for fun today. We have been having wonderful weather!! YAY

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!



  1. Love your haircuts, and welcome to Florida! :)

  2. Hair looks great!.. and OK maybe I don't want to live in Florida all the time.

    Have a wonderful stay -

  3. Oh--I lived very close to there--it reminds me of home, esp. the first picture. A well-kept secret is that Florida is best in the fall. I'm glad you had a good time. :-)

  4. Thanks Sally!! Nice to see you here!
    And Karen, sooooo hot in Florida--though I know that this is the wrong season to be there...
    Hi Dawn! I didn't know you lived in FL! Yeah, my vacation was wonderful and I feel like I kind of opened up to flying which in turn opens up all kinds of opportunities!!

  5. Looks like you had a great time in Florida, Cait! Erika

  6. Hi Erika! The whole vacation was simply amazing and I'm back very relaxed!!!

  7. What a great trip! Florida looks amazing - if hot!! I just got my hair cut off for the summer too. Yours looks lovely! Mine is an unruly mop ;o)

  8. Hey Julia! We need a picture of your unruly mop! :D