Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog Catch-up!!!

Geez...I don't even know what to call these posts anymore...I blog so seldom now that it is hard to categorize when I do...We (Noah and I) had a tag sale last week, got rid of a lot of stuff, made some money and are looking to have another. After all, what didn't sell is still cleaned up, has a price on it and is stored in the barn under plastic, and ready to go! So we'll see...

Misty Morning...Tag Sale Day at 5 AM

My porch loaded up with junk!

Alex's 22 birthday!! WooooHoooo!!! I think we embarrass him which is too funny, of course. Though I also think he feels well-loved! Today, he and Gary are replacing the upper boards in my outdoor riding arena for me. When we first got Duke and he and Dom were figuring out things, he made it clear that he did not like being bitten on the rear and would quite often kick out. I also let them up in the arena to eat grass sometimes and quite a few boards were kicked...sooooo today replacement boards are going up! YAY!!! Thank you guys!!

Alex's 22nd Birthday Cake!

And my trip...Well, the Seattle/Whitbey Isl. trip is happening beginning June 14! I am catching the train in Syracuse and my sister Faith will get on in Springfield, MA. Yes, the same Springfield that had a tornado a few days ago...the same Springfield where my sister Eileen lives...WOW! Who knew that we got tornadoes there??? Everyone is fine there though my niece was stopped in her car on the way home from work on I91 watching all the debris flying around and feeling her car rocking!

Weather at the farm...

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm off to ride Dom but before I go here's Duke's routine in the morning!



  1. Loved reading your blogpost, Cait--I love your home!

  2. good to see you back... and I LOVE that Duke does Horse Yoga!!!

  3. Thanks Dawn!!! Glad you visited! And Susan, yeah, yoga/itchy butt, probably the same thing!! :D

  4. wonderful to see your beautiful photos and to read your post cait-- and i spotted some fun goodies in that pile on your porch! happy birthday to your son alex-- mine just turned 22 also-- on may 29th. goodness-- weren't they just little guys??

    and that train ride to seattle with your sister-- what a trip-- i'm sure it will be fabulous! have a wonderful time cait!

  5. Hi Kathi!! My Alex's Birthday is on the 29th also! And yes, sigh...they were just little guys yesterday...I'm going to try to blog on my sisters laptop on the way to Seattle! Can't wait!!!!!

  6. I spied a spinning wheel in that pile! I hope it went to a good home. :)

  7. Love the misty morning photo, Cait! What a wondrous place you live in. I'm so excited for you making that cross-country trip! I know you'll have a fabulous time, and you surely deserve it. And here's to healthy, grown-up children! My oldest turned 30 last week... Yikes!!

  8. Yeah, Melissa--the spinning wheel is still with me--looks like no one wanted it and I haven't spun anything in years and years...I think I'll put it on Craigs list! People really bought the oddest assortment of things!!!

    Hi Rebecca! I can't wait for my train trip and will probably meet up with Kristin and Ginny, too!!!!!!! My oldest is turning 31 the middle of June! And I agree, YIKES!

  9. Yeah! You're back!
    We all missed you....

  10. Thank you Tame Lion!! So nice to see you here!!!!!

  11. Nice to catch up with your news! Have a great trip, Cait. Hope the tornadoes have finished for the season. My parents just got back from a coast to coast railway journey in the US - they had a great time.