Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Spring!

Pretty cute for 90!!

Meg, Eileen, Kevin (with beer!) Faith, me, Maureen

Paul, Mom, Stephen

Me, Stephen, Meg

The Soon-to-be Travelers!! Me and Faith!

Wow, it's been a while since I checked in...I had a telephone interview with SSI for disability and the woman couldn't have been nicer. AND I didn't have to fill in the forms--she did that for me (I HATE forms). She told me it could take 3-6 months so I was resigned to waiting but knew that since I turn 62 in May my regular SSI (which I already applied for) would kick in by July...Not two weeks later they approved the application! WOW! My first real paycheck in 20 years...every month...for the rest of my life. And back pay for the past year. I'm looking into cancer clinics to jump start my diet or change my eating habits, or whatever. I also have a list of things.

--a new small barn

--coffee maker

--enlarge outdoor arena

--bulldozer for riding paths in woods

--culvert pipe for wet paths in the woods

--house siding



--new riding lawn mower

--new glass door for living room

--new half chaps

--more riding lessons no particular order. OK the barn thing is out of reach but a girl can dream!! And the coffee maker is definitely within reach! ha!

Wonderful time at my Mom's for her birthday and loved seeing and visiting with all my sibs. It was hard to say goodbye to the two brothers who live in CO. hmmm...

--train trip to CO

--water heater for washing horses

I'm having way too much fun with my list. And the train trip with my sister, Faith, going to Seattle is all set for June 14. She is picking up the train in Springfield, MA and I will catch up to her in Syracuse. So wonderful to have things to look forward to!!

Easter was beautiful here--went riding though the field was wet and couldn't get into the woods very far because of water but warmed him up and came back to the arena and worked his butt some (and mine). Then out to the woods to rake my paths and try to get stronger. Then over to friend's house for dinner! Today I'm off to Mary's studio ( to make more buttons. What I'll do with all these buttons I don't know! Maybe open another Etsy store...we'll see.

Alex off to his honor society meeting (in a TIE!)

Hope spring is good for all of you! Love it when it is in the 60s and no bugs! YAY!



  1. You know what? THIS year? I am not going to complain about the bugs.

    Love your list, and I say start with the coffee maker and the half chaps, easy enough.

  2. Cait-- you are glowing-- so wonderful to see you here-- and happiest birthday to your lovely lovely mom. i see where you get those good looks from-- and tenacity and strength- and i'm getting such a kick out of your list! yes-- i'm sure you can make a good deal of this list a reality!
    have fun making it so.. XO! happy spring to you!