Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out for a walk...

Off to visit the horses...

OK, Dommie looks startled because I have been in the house for 2 months and he no longer knows who I am...Duke is rarely startled by anything and is using this as an opportunity to eat Dommie's hay.

Oh, it's just you...
I'm off following the trail.

with Mieux who loves it when we come out to play!

Time for a little fun with the sled Gary was using to haul wood.

Waiting for spring but still loving winter!

I am trying to remember to get outside every day... ok I've gone outside yesterday and today but it's a start, right? It was sunny, cold and beautiful this afternoon and I went to see the horses, took Mieux (our French Canadian barn kitty) for a walk, following the tracks to find my husband cutting down thorn apple trees. On the way back I gave the horses some carrots and now they love me again! Had enough energy today to finish a length of weaving which will become wide scarves with buttons and then made fried rice with one large shitaki mushroom that Gary grew and baked some squash. for wine and a book...



  1. What a wonderful day, Cait! Lovely to see Dommie and Duke and Gary and Mieux. ..though you guys still have far too much snow, in my opinion!! Love the pix and that you packed that much into what is still today here! xoxo and look forward to seeing the new scarves. Hope you enjoyed the wine and book.

  2. Dommie is such a beautiful horse! Can I be cheeky and ask if I could use that photo as reference for a future painting - his markings are so interesting.
    Thanks, Caroline

  3. Hi Ginny! Yeah, still snow but the days are getting sunnier and the level is going down...pretty soon I can ride again! And the book and the wine were both good! :D xo

    Caroline--Of course you can use any photo of Dommie you want to! He is a delight to own and a wonderful horse all in all. Thanks for commenting!! xo

  4. I agree with Caroline. What a handsome horse! If I could paint, I'd want to paint him too.
    Glad to hear that you are out walking. If you lived closer, I'd join you. I've also been trying to get outside for a little each day. My days are spent at the desk far too often, both at work and at home. Looking forward to seeing the scarves.

  5. Thank you! Usually my commissions are for 'brown' horses, so to paint or draw a very different one would be much more fun - I'll let you know when and if I get around to it.
    Thanks again,

  6. Just read back some of your posts.....I never have the time to read blogs that I follow it seems.
    Wow, you have had some tough times. I sense that you are a tough cookie, though, and I get that.
    Be well.
    And keep weaving.

  7. Hi Annie! So nice to read about you in your interview with Etsy Weavers!! I wish you lived closer too and we could talk color and texture!!

    Carolyn, I would love to see your drawing if you ever do one of him!!

    Hilary, thanks...I love your blog and your attitude and of course your amazing rugs and kitty helpers!

  8. cait i bet dommie missed you like crazy-- how beautiful he is!! i bet you can't wait for that first spring ride-- although i'm sure he'll give you quite a run for your money. the sledding looks prime too. happiest spring to you!!

  9. Thanks Kathi!! Yeah, I'm testing the footing as the snow levels come down to see if I can ride yet! For now I still can't see enough of the stupid rocks on our path to the field to make it safe for him but SOON! And he is frisky already! ha! xo

  10. My cat is named Mu... shall we argue over which spelling is superior? :-D

  11. cait does dommie know how beautiful he is? will you tell him for me? and gary sledding tickles me. i hope you are feeling better, getting out in this weather is SO important. and have you heard them? the birds are returning!

  12. Hi Ellen!!! That's funny!!! xo
    Velma, I'll give Dom a hug from you tomorrow (and maybe a carrot-though he is too fat as usual)! Waiting for the sun here but I'll walk tomorrow no matter what because now I've been inside for two whole days--not good!! xo

  13. What a beautiful horse. The days are getting a bit warmer here now too. I also try to enjoy the cold everyday, it's just not as much fun. At least the tips of the daffodils are starting to show.


  14. Geez, Sherry, Daffodils??? I'm going to get the snow shovel and start digging for them! ;) Yeah, the warmer days would be nice about now! xo

  15. Beautiful, beautiful horses! The colours and texture of the scarf in your preveious post is really lovely. Ha! I just became your 100th follower! Gilly

  16. Hi Gilly!!!! Thanks for becoming my 100th follower! I never dreamed I would have 100 people who wanted to read my blog! :D xo

  17. What a great blog Cait, and your weaving is really gorgeous. Love your color choices. Lucky you to work with Mary Harding. Looks like you two have lots of fun and create some beautiful art together. The buttons and weaving are a great match.

  18. Cait - hope you are feeling better with the approach of Spring. Love your wonderful snowy photos of Gary on his sledge and the horses and cat :)