Saturday, May 15, 2010

Noah is off to Hawaii!

Finally, Noah gets to take a break from his old parents! He has been subbing at the high school whenever he can during his "gap" year and now he is off to HI to visit his big brother Adam on Kauai! And even though I do not like to fly, I am feeling envious seeing all his pictures! What an amazing landscape! No wonder I'm having a hard time talking Adam and Alicia back to the states! Well, I'm off tag-saleing with my good friend Edie (though I have been meaning to empty my house of junk instead of buying!) BUT we are only looking! Right?? And then if there is any energy left I will ride Dommie so I can feel that I've gotten some exercise!
xo Cait
P.S. I would recognize those hairy legs anywhere, Noah!


  1. Hi Cait! How sweet to see a goodbye hug followed by those amazing photos of Hawaii..hairy legs and all.. have a lovely day tag-saleing..of course..just looking (lol!) and happy riding to you and Dommie!

  2. Thanks Ginny! I did buy a lace tablecloth for .50! Ha ha! but it is discolored and I will try to work some lemon juice and sun magic. Don't know if that works or not but can't think of anything else and it is really beautiful! OK I bought a birdhouse too and a cake rack. I don't know why I let her talk me into going...sigh...:)

  3. cait--i am so glad you are riding. you go girl!!!

  4. what an exciting trip for noah--perhaps you'll have to plan a trip to hawaii --if your oldest won't return to the states... :)-- then you can hang out in that slice of paradise for a time with both of your boys..

    sounds like you found some goodies..

    and as for stains ( this is a bit of a jump from paradise...) the lemon and light work wonderfully-- but if it doesn't then i always resort to a soak( sometimes for a few days..) in oxy clean-- i use it on my vintage items and have gotten many a tough old stain out... just rinse well..

    XO to you cait!


  5. Wow... what a great trip for Noah! How exciting to see a new part of the world, and how comforting (for you!) that his older brother is the one "showing" it to him!

    Sounds like you had fun tag-saleing... we call it yard-saleing down here. Is that the same thing? I'm glad you felt up to it, and I hope you got in a ride too! Keep on keeping-on, honey... I love your posts!

  6. Hi Cait, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on Saturday. Sounds like you are feeling better. Must have been the Morley sales. I too don't need more stuff. Thanks for the great feedback on my new bead experiment. I'll send you a few if you think you can use them. Let me know. I am making more today.

  7. What a wonderful place to visit your family. It must also be lovely to have them both in the same place.

    Happy late birthday to you.


  8. So happy to see your beautiful Etsy back up, Cait! I wear my wristband all the time and get comments on it. And I wear the yarn you used to tie the package in my hair.

    xoxo be well

  9. Wow! What a wonderful comments! Thank you all! Ellen, I'm touched that you love your cuff and wear the tie in your hair! :) Kathi, I was going to try the lemon but the sun is not cooperating so I think the oxyclean is on my shopping list. Thanks! Mary, probably too late for making buttons but any size other than dinky, tiny will work! You're the best! Sherry, so good to hear from you! Rebecca and Velma, I'm doing well trying to ride twice a week though now I have to get up early to beat the bugs otherwise my horse is an idiot tossing his head, etc. Your comments are SO appreciated! xoxo Cait