Wednesday, January 6, 2010

/The News from Memorial Sloan-Kettering

Greetings from the Big Apple (is it still called that? Am I dating myself here? Again, this is Gary, Cait's husband, filling in for her during her indisposition.)

The operation was successful!! (sounds of cheering in the background) We are all relieved -- she came through it with flying colors. The tumor was very small and showed no indication of having spread to lymph nodes (final news on that in a week when the pathology report comes back). It all seemed almost boring, just business as usual to the surgeon, nothing new -- AND THIS IS WHY WE CAME HERE -- these guys do the Whipple about once a day!!! (Another note for anyone contemplating or being compelled into very complex and serious surgical procedures: the research is unequivocal -- find a hospital where they have A TEAM that does THAT PROCEDURE more than most or even anybody and you'll get the best results. You want your procedure to be boring to the surgical team; you want them to be skilled and practiced AS A TEAM; you DO NOT want them to be having to be checking a procedure manual to make sure they're following the steps in the right order.)

Thank you to everyone who offered kind thoughts, prayers, or whatever mental or spiritual practice you follow. We gladly accept help from any quarter and we truly appreciate the help and kind words and thoughts that people have extended our way.

Another note: for anyone considering getting treatment for any serious disease in NYC -- check out Miracle House. ( You get to stay in a real NY apartment house on 43rd and 11th Ave, just around the block from the 42nd St bus stop; at a rent of $50/night for a room in an apartment. Wonderful people! Breakfast at a local diner is included. Also dinner 3 nights per week. And when the gym and pool aren't being renovated (like now...) an olympic pool and workout gym!! Other than this, you get to surf Craig's list to find rooms to rent in Brooklyn or wherever...

More later as Cait recovers.



  1. Thank you SO much for the update, Gary. I've been checking this blog like crazy today hoping for some news. Yay for "boring" surgery. You and Cait will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I've got a bunch of people praying for you. Please tell the weaving queen we're all cheering her on. Thank you for being such a great husband, Gary!

    Hugs to both of you!


  2. I am so relieved to hear about the surgery being a success and it doesn't look like it has spread. Give her a hug from all of us. I will continue to pray for a quick recovery. Thanks, Gary, for keeping us informed. xx...Cat

  3. I'm so glad it seems to have all gone well, thanks for the update, best wishes, Beth

  4. Jumping up and down and saying "YAY" here. Thanks so much for the update. Nice to know that Cait has a wonderful supporting hubby.

    Rest up and see you in bloggy land soon, Cait!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. oh this is such wonderful news!!!!! i'm just full of yayyyyyyyyyy for your entire family!

  6. Am relieved to see this and hear the good news, Gary and Cait and family! Thanks for this update!! I join WW's YAY!!! and everyone else's too!

  7. Songs and shouts of hallelujah from down here in NC!! I have so thought of Cait and your family all week, and am sooooo very glad to hear the wonderful news. Love your description of the "boring" attitude of the docs too, Gary! You said it perfectly! Keep us informed, and here's to a bright and healthy 2010! Kisses and hugs to Cait, please.

  8. Great news! You are so right about Sloan-Kettering, that is where my mother in law had the whipple procedure done and it is just like business as usual, and that is a good thing. The care nurses there were wonderful too! Good luck with all future results.

  9. Gary, thank you so much for giving us this wonderful news! We're happy dancing up here in Maine, and so thankful for those skillful (if bored) doctors! Thank you too for taking the time to give us all such good advice and for thinking of all us worry warts. Please add another big hug to those you're giving Cait!
    xoxo Mollie and Joe

  10. Oh - that is such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you both! May the good news continue!


  11. Thank you so much for the update. I'm thrilled to hear it went so well and that you've had a nice place to stay while there.

    We look forward to seeing her back on Etsy selling her beautiful items!

  12. WOO HOO Cait!!!!!!

    (((((Big Hugs)))))

  13. this is wonderful news indeed!! so pleased to hear that everything has gone well for Cait .. BIG hugs and warm thoughts to you all :)))
    xox Kerrin

  14. Gary...thanks again for a wonderful update - such great news! I'm relieved all went well, and so glad you've had a great place to stay and awesome doctors and care for Cait. Hugs to Cait and all your family...I can't until she's home again. Keep that good news coming! Marilyn

  15. Woooo-Hoooo!!!

    Thank you Gary for the very Boring and Awesome news about Cait!! YAY!!!!
    Healing Energy meditations abound for her speedy recovery and return to the wondrousness of her life with you and the boys, weaving and horses, and Spring, just around the corner!
    Much Love to you both!!
    :) Kristin

  16. YAY! That is GREAT news!
    Thanks for keeping us updated at such a stressful and crazy time. Here's to continuing good news on the road to recovery!

  17. Good news! Thanks! Best to Kate, you and the rest of the family.

  18. Gary, best wishes and love to you and Cait and your family. I will check back soon and say a prayer daily.

  19. I am so happy to hear the good news about Cait's operation. Thank you Gary so much for the update. What a sense of joy and relief you and Cait and your family must be feeling. I know I am. Warmth and continued healing Mary and Jochen

  20. Thanks for this update, Gary. It is good to hear this news. I appreciate your wisdom on where to go under these scary circumstances. Here's to Cait's swift recovery! xox, Andria

  21. Hi again Cait and Gary and family: Hope to hear more news when you can do it..Know we think of you warmly and often, Cait..and hope the recovery process is going well! xoxo